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From the heart…

with love


My name is Nieves and I'm an artist, illustrator and designer living in a beautiful tropical island named Puerto Rico. I am an animal, nature and sea lover. In my artwork you could notice the influence of living in a tropical paradise. Drawing is my meditation and I do it almost everyday since childhood. Muses, Goddesses, flowers, hearts, birds, magical and mystical creatures, sacred geometry, deep blues, intense greens, inspired by ancestors, archeology and history, music, beauty, sunny sundays and more is what inspire me everyday.

Graduated of Bachelor of Fine Arts in art and engraving of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, San Germán Campus.

Her artist books are in private collections in many countries including Argentina, Mexico, the United States and England.


Exposición Relámpago- Galería Casa Jefferson/ Puerto Rico
Trazos de la memoria- Galería San Juan Bautista/ Puerto Rico

Autónomos- Galería Casa Jefferson/ Puerto Rico
Useless Mouths- Inglaterra

Quiero Vivir: no a la violencia de género- Galería Guatíbiri/ Puerto Rico