art + illustration + design




My recent work (2010-2019) have to do with experimentation in mixed media like cutouts, the inserting threads, collage and other mediums like watercolors and graphite.

All my work is a learning path in the search of connectedness with the emotions, nature elements, the mystery of life and the universe. 

Maybe, because I work mostly during the night my work reflect a profound connection with silence, with the tranquility of the dark.

You would see that nature is always present, as a guide, to that connectedness.

 All work and Illustrations by Nieves Pumarejo. All rights reserved.


Watercolors, graphite, ink and more

Some of my favorite tools involved a lot of paper, watercolor papers, inks, pencils, pens, markers and more.


The circle collection

Inspired by the natural forms existing around us like the moon, the earth and the sun.

Digital drawings and art

A growing collection of digital drawings and art inspired by natural elements, textures and colors.