Bajo este cuerpo crecen dolores.

Pequeños bultos que adolecen y deforman,


Así como el ansia de la hormiga en su

ajetreo perenne, así a pedacitos, bajo

la sombra de lo imperceptible.

Así se va borrando lo normal,

lo que apenas conocemos,

lo terriblemente usual para el

ojo acostumbrado a no indagar.

Allí, en este breve tiempo en que todo

se deforma, el caos siempre tiene su belleza.

Y nacemos un día de éstos con la

ensoñación animal de una jauría o con

el estar agresivo de ser hoja y flor, fruto, piedra, raíz.

En este cuerpo duele la evolución.

Y duele el camino y la nube que pasea

su claridad y su mar arrullando, batiendo.


Bajo este cuerpo crecen misterios

que un día escupirán semillas.

Con todos mis nombres.

February updates

Despite the sad news on the family of my partner and Puerto Rico, I'm trying to stay focus on my "determination project". I'm still adapting myself to find a little bit of time, a spare time to create and evolve. But I don't want wasting my time in complaints and situations that I can't control it, for now.

Instead I'm dreaming about all that I want to do and create, something like working in my mind with all the ideas and designs. Ok, I want to take some rest and watch netflix like for an entire week laid on my bed. 

On February some of my task are:

  • Cleaning (still I have a lot to throw and give). 
  • Search through all my stuff (old memories and tools) the things that I want to keep and probably to reorder like my jewelry tools and beads.

  • Learn a new technique for jewelry design.

  • Keep all my venues and shops updated.

Ok, the first of my task is an ongoing project and although I live in a very very small apartment, so small that I can't have a sofa I live with a studio and a workshop on boxes. That is something that makes me very sad in the past and sometimes now. But I have to work hard and poverty will not defeat me. That's why I want everything be clean and minimalist.

Looking through my stuffs and tools makes me realize that old memories doesn't hurt me anymore, I am strong now and after all happy with what I do and what I want to do. Looking through my memories I also found inspiration, a big source of it.

Am waiting for some new materials like beads and other stuffs and also very excited with the idea of learn something completely new inside the jewelry desing world. I can't share nothing at this moment but soon I will do it.

So besides of that I made some updates on my Vida shop, Etsy shop and AOW wholesale shop and here they are: 

Vida shop: I introduced the goddess line (still working on some ideas) but this is something that I wanted to create. This is an evolving concept and design.

Etsy shop: New prints and tote bags are up on the shop.

Miss Claudia

new art print

AOW: I really love Art of where, the quality of the products is incredible and the shipping is very fast. I've created some new makeup bags and rectangular zipper pouches.


Girl make up bag



I want to create some beautiful and festive patterns for spring so I will be working with colors and playing with Krita program.

In other news, am happy and greateful with the life and universe, running my imposibbles, in love with my running goals. Still I have to dominated my 6 miles, three days a week (thats 18 miles a week), so on February that's one of my beloved goals. March is another story and I start with 6.5 miles three days a week. Step by step reaching my goals.

The questions

Every now and then questions arrive by email, to my blog, through the shop and so on. They are simple. Just questions about me, not necessarily about my artwork, but about me.

I don't know why some of them make me feel strange. Its like my work was only validated if I am from certain place or group or whatever. And that's makes me take a profound thoughts about it.

So, this is my story:

I am a puertorican woman who born in Brooklyn, New York, from puertorican parents. I've been raised in the Island since 4 years old, specifically the first years in Lajas, San Germán and Mayaguez.

I am bilingual, or almost bilingual. My native language is Spanish and my second language is english. I write in english as a way to comunicate with the world and that doesn't mean that I'm not proud of my heritage. If I speak the language of the colonizer is because I use it as a tool.

It's interesting why I have to explain myself with this silliness, but for some reason I have had to do it. I'm not angry but disconcerted.

My art is universal, I think. I just do it with my imagination, my tools, my references, my inner stories, my own world, my fears, my beliefes, my interests on life about some themes, goddesses and darkness. I don't need to create a puertorican flag in my artwork to belong here. I don't have to include some coqui or flor de maga, or pitirre. Of course I've included some tainos design in my illustrations with my own concept and some african patterns.

I am from the tropic, flora and fauna are part of myself not only of my work. I am, after all, a woman that whant to create my own world. Because I live in a such beautiful place, not only an island but in whole Earth full of history and evolution. I live in a green and blue globe, floating in whole universe surrounded by stars, comets, rocks, nebulas and microcosmos, with cells, with life in so many ways and forms, roots, leafs, clouds, rivers, oceans, fruits and vibrancy in every corner of this planet.

Why with all that splendor and beauty I have to create something that tell the people I'm from certain place, why I have to explain that?

I live my life with thirst for curiosity, with inquisitive mind, eyes wide open to all that happen in front of me in my surroundings. I am a citizen of the world with a heart full of curiosity. I'm always hungry for knowledge. Fearless and ready to fight. Some times I am light some times I am darkness. And I work very very hard to stay on my creative path no matter what.

I suppose that this is not the last time that I have to explain myself to other people and my art, at the end is the same question: Who I am, what is my art and my creative language? Now I have a more clearly idea.

I'm not an static human being I'm an evolving artist and being.

After las fiestas...


Finally the Fiestas are over. As you suppose I ended very very tired and happy. I have overcome my expectations in many ways. On Monday I couldn't get up of my bed, I just do some "mandados" during the morning and that's it.

Having some rest is important. 

Now I plan to clean and put some things in order in my tiny place to start on February fresh and organized.

But first I want to share some thoughts about the art community. I have to say that every time I set the table with my creations I get a little nervous. Because in some way I have to confront the audience and their questions and thougts about what is art and what no. May be I'm a perfectionist. So I try to get everything in order and beautifully honest. And for me thats the clue: being honest.

I've received many complements during these days, many ideas and love. And when that happen I try to keep my feet very firm on the ground.

One thing that I learned is that the community of artist and creatives are very special, very unique, very powerfull. Definetly I can't live without creating something, no matter the medium no matter the situation.

So during the long hours at my table (I always carry a sketchbook) I was working. Is something like working while working? Yes something like that. Writing ideas and concepts for my next patterns and illustrations. And for something that I used to work a few years ago: jewelry design.

Because of that I will take the rest of the month to organizing some of my inventory: tools and older jewelry and other art work. For now that's all I can do. I want to start with a little collection... may be for summer.

In other "determinations news" I almost reach my goal of 7 miles am very proud of myself! 


Stay tune for more news and art process!

with love, ❤️ 


Las fiestas

Tomorrow the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián will start. At 8:00 am I have to be in the register area. Tomorrow will be a very long day and also it will be a very long weekend. It's ok. I'm prepared, mentally and phisically. Also I have a great selection of products with my illustration work: two sizes of art prints, pocket mirrors, totebags, t-shirts, pencil cases and pin buttons.

Hopefully this long weekend will be a productive one despite the long hours of working (more than 10 hours a day), the tremendous noise of jolgorio and music and people shouting and drinking, it will be a good weekend.

I stop running this week and thats make me feel a little anxoius. So I'm telling my mind that on Monday I will run again. I'm taking it day by day with calm, with my zen spirit.

After Las Fiestas I will be working hard into my Etsy shop. I've already start with a few baby steps to make my shop more professional and more like a business instead of a "hobby shop".

 I'm determined to make a living from my art, illustrations, creative ideas, patterns and designs. As I said one step at a time. This is something that it will be evolve within the weeks and through the year, at the end I will saw how much it evolved.

 One of the first step was creating a new page on facebook. I know that this is a lot of work, basically because I have some profiles on other social media (ello, IG, FB, VSCO). So the idea started when facebook suggest that my "other place of work" become a fan business page.

 With this in mind on February( crossing fingers), I start to pay some boost and to offer a more professional illustrated items.

 For now, you can follow my new "business page" on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Toshisworld

 And after that I plan to paying my admission to a run challenge later this year. And also after that,  a lot of brain storming with ideas and some creative process.

 Hope you can follow me along the way! I would love to share with you my art and process.

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