The magical connection collection is here!

 Art & Design by Nieves

Art & Design by Nieves


Finally they arrived! I´m so happy with the results. I plan to expand this collection to prints and other paper goods (later maybe the next year). For now this collection is just born and is growing to other designs and tools, like watercolor.

What inspired me was a little story that started a few weeks ago. Waking up without  any reason at the wee hours and look at the night sky. For a few days a beautiful and bright planet Venus and other (not sure the name) appears with all the magic. Later I read that some planets will have a conjunction or alignment. 

Also I read about the Orionids and other designs came to my mind. The Universe is great source of inspiration as well as nature, moon, and all the magic that exist arround us. The only thing that we have to do is open our eyes, open our souls, open our love. 

Hope you like it!