Fearless is part of one of my recent and ongoing art project. With a very personal feeling and full of emotions too. These idea came to me a few months ago (with the idea of moving to another country), and now I have something to show and share.

Fearless postcard, design I by Nieves Pumarejo

This art project pretend to inspire all girls and women from all ages and from all cultures. As an artist and illustrator and as woman I have many fears inside me. Some of them irrational and some of them real. But the truth is that fear is a natural feeling, is ok to experiment fear or to feel it sometimes. What it's not ok is that the feeling of fear control us and deprive us from doing the things that we want to do.

Life can be difficult in many ways. Many challenges to face it, many things to do.

Every day and every moment that I had feel some kind of fear I take a big breath and I say to myself: I'm fearless, not because I'm not feel the fear, but because surely I can face it and I can keep moving forward to my goals.

Fearless postcard, design II by Nieves Pumarejo

And that's what I want to share.

Do you know what was (and still is) one of my fears? Write in english, trying to find my own voice in a language that is not my native. But It's something that I want it with all my heart. Because I want it to learn it and learn it well.

My other fear? Find out that I have nothing to say, which is not true! Well, maybe sometimes! I know that I have a lot to say and to share. I don't know how much time this art proyect will take but I'm sure that I will let you know, hopefully with more art and ideas.

Fearless digital types by Nieves Pumarejo