Fashion Mondays

One of my last projects of 2016 is fashion mondays. Hopefully, with all my best intention to achieve this goal, every monday I will be posting on my Patreon page a new creation. Probably a new jewelry design (earrings, necklace or bracelet) made with beads, materials and tools that I have on my jewelry box. 

 African sun earrings  

African sun earrings  

Here's the first  of the serie, a pair of earrings, inspired by african designs, the boho look, perfect for your everyday style.

This is a way to commit myself, to start again, step by step on one of the things that I love so much: design. 

I'm considering myself a designer and illustrator with a big passion for creativity, photography, styling, drawing and art. Art is what drives me. What makes me smile and happy. It's a process of evolution and emotions. Art is a way.  

So with this in my mind and heart, I wish that you can enjoy me every monday on my Patreon page and here.  

Thanks for walk with me ❤️ 


Some important details:

  1. They are very lighweight
  2. One of a kind.
  3. Hand crafted.
  4. Unique design by NWPB (me).
  5. Only one available.
  6. No custom order (sorry).
  7. Available for sale (if you're interested please fill the form on the contact us page).  


Happy Holidays 🎉 

with love, Nieves