My word


I thought that my word for this year was silence, not because I don't have anything to say, but for meditation. For me silence is a way to meditate and a way to transform in a good thing, all the negativityof the everyday life. You know, life isn't easy. 

A few days ago, when I started to feel "out of my control" with the anxiety and sadness,  the word "patience" came to me clearly.

Is not my favorite word. Because I'm a very active person. If have to do something radical it has to be know. That's why moving drives me crazy. That's why waiting drives me crazy too.

I have to wait for an answer. Either is positive or negative ( yes or no) I have to confront it. In whatever the case I have to organize my life, my decisions, everything and that'smake me feel really really anxious.

I'm learning my lesson , my "word lesson", with love, with determination. Concentrating in the work that I want to make. Looking forward to my new project: "For you, with love."

Laughing at myself, trying to be a better person not matter what. Trusting that my time will appear, my dreams of realisation. All that I want is believe in the possibilities. 

I'll be waiting with patience.