I will not give up

A few weeks ago I was feeling  very frustrated with everything in my life. It was a really bad moment, that I decided to quit.  

Inside of my self I knew that quitting is not an option but I need with all my strength take some time to think and reorganize my thoughts. Basically what's next? What are going to be the next steps to achieve the things that I want. The truth is I was burned out. 


And I took the decision to close my personal blog, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and the fan page. And I start to feel very good, almost like a liberation. I will open again the fan page and Facebook but later in the year. Right now I'm concentrating myself in putting some order to my ideas and working on some goals for the next months. 

One of my goal is to perfectionate and practice my writing, specially, in English. So that's why I decided to write again here.

I have news for me and for you, I will not give up. I'm here to keep going my path through this journey: life and art, art and life. I will keep searching the knowledge and wisdom to learn the things that I have to learn. I have too much to do and will do it.