100 days of hearts

 100 days of hearts by Nieves  

100 days of hearts by Nieves  

100 hearts starting today until July. I have to confess that I hadn't expected to participate this year of the beautiful and fun Art project The 100 Day Project  by Elle Luna. The reason is simple and complicated, so I will write the simple reason: time.

Life at this moment is hard. So I've decided to do it just at the very last day (yesterday!).

Why hearts? ❤️✨🌿

Hearts have been part of my creative language for many years (circa 2007-2008) and hearts are antique symbols full of meanings and beauty. Plus the heart is our part of the body that keep us alive (among others). And I have a secret, every now and then they appeared in many forms in my everyday life, in my path, like a message. So for me is a symbol of fearless strenght.

I'm looking forward to see, the evolving and creative ways of this, my personal amulet. You can enjoy me during this 100 days on my Ello page and IG. Hope my hearts inspire you!