Full Moon Heart

 Digital illustration by NWPB  

Digital illustration by NWPB  

Is almost the end of the month and also the beginning of the summer. June was and still is confusing, exhausting, like the two faces of a coin. The middle of the year. For me, time to review the first six months, my steps toward my goals, at least for this year. Is time for questions, a lot of questions. What I have achieved (not in material terms) and what I need to work in order to create my own happiness.

I have to say that right now I'm struggle with the lack of time, the lots and lots of hours of regular job from my day job), with big financial issues, with my emptiness, my thoughts and the enormous sensation of stagnation. 

But I've decided that I will find something positive and beautiful in all of these feelings and situations. I know that most of them are out of my control. I know is not my fault. I know I work hard. I know that this is my time to wait in the dark, to being in silence and, to keep my inner diary awake and alive. At this stage I'm just letting it go without resistance. It hurts. I cried. But I have to be strong. Every day is a new lesson on how to be strong.

That's why I keep my little diaries of botanicals, leafs and drawings. I Try to stay connected to the things that make me strong, human very human and the things that bring me closer to my own happiness.

 Full moon heart print  

Full moon heart print  

The good news it is summer solstice. Is full moon. And that means, days full of vibrant light, refreshing rains, hotter days in the beach in the park and rainforest. But also means that I have some extra hours for me and my art.

With all these in mind I've created this Full Moon Heart in honor of the magical conjuction of the sun and the moon. For all the ends and beginnings, for all that I have to wait in the shadows...waiting to face it the light and changes.

The surprise is that I've created this little painting with my fingers and my phone with an app (Tayasui) and I printed in a small size, just to prove it and I love how it looks (image above).

For the next days and weeks I will continue working on my "100 days of hearts 2016" edition and planning a little book/zine. I only have the tittle and many images to edit. Hopefully I will be adding some new work and possibly will be bilingual. So wish me luck and stay tuned!

 Happy summer solstice! ☀️