New designs, collaborations and new shop

A few weeks ago I received an email with an invitation to join a new concept shop. I didn't answer at first, but they insist in the invitation. Ok, I visit the page, I read all the details and saw all the videos and then I sign up with them.

 Illustrations for new designs by NWPB.

Illustrations for new designs by NWPB.

I set up my new shop and them I deleted, I wasn't happy, once again I doubt about create something new, about how much time I need to dedicate for promotion, creating new designs and all the work that a I have and all the ideas that, in somehow, live in my "limbo" place.


So, the story is that I try again the next day and I created new designs exclusively for this apparel shop. So I invite you to take a look at my new adventure. Is still in progress, hopefully I will be adding some new designs in the next weeks and months.

Please stay tuned, more collaborations is on the way. I'm not allowed to share it just yet, but I will soon.

Please visit my new Vida Shop here: