Summer vibes

 Tote bags for Society 6

Tote bags for Society 6

Did I mention that I live in a tropical island?! Well, for now, I live here, and the summers are really really hot! 😅☀️  July is not the worst month, August is. Outside you can feel like in any moment you will melting right away. 

But despite that, summer is always an inspiration. The sun, the bright days, the beach, the tropical fruits and flowers, the sunsets and so on. 

 Following that vibes, I make some new illustrations for my Society 6 shop and now you can buy nice tote bags and apparel accessories. More on the following weeks! 🍃🌸✨

update: I'm on my last days of #the100dayproject with my #100daysofhearts2016 😅 and also I have worked some new designs for my Vida Shop. 

Stay tuned! 🌸