Floresta moon: the brand

 I've been designing and playing with patterns since the very first day of the year. Almost in trance. I didn't touch a piece of paper or any other media, except my little wacom (literally, it's very small) and a free digital program for drawing (Krita). Since then, every day I create a new design. It help me a lot. I think that my magical intuition works that way to heal my new year sadness. 


The result was a prolific work, at least for me, enough to start showing them to the world. March is the month of releasing them on my Etsy shop and I am so happy for the first steps of this dream of designing and having a fashion brand inspired by illustration, drawings, goddesses, forms and magical universes inside of my head and heart. 


I will share more during the next month (hopefully!)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!