Mood board: what inspired me

Everybody knows that Pinterest is a great resource for visual inspiration. For me is a kind of a big catalog or magazine to collect images, that's what I used to do on the past (collecting all kinds of fashion, art and interior design magazines), now I am one of that person that use it almost daily, specially when I'm bored 🙄, it's my digital fashion magazine. 

But true inspiration for me is far from Pinterest, ok, not so far. So, when I need some help for inspiration, always goes to my "digital mood board", my tumblr

There I can select, any time the right image or quote or gif to create the "atmosphere" of my inspiration. I know that I can do that on Pinterest too, but for some reason I prefer my tumblr. 

Maybe, is because I can see or check what I collect through the whole month on the archives or maybe is because I can sort my own work and see the influences on my own work. 

I also know that this is a silly post. Who cares about a social media. For me is just documenting what I see and what I listen when I do my researches. 

And you, what inspire you?