A pause...

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It's already March. It seems that time has hurry for everything. And with all the things happening around me I have to stop. 

When everything is falling down, when sacrifice is no longer productive, when I'm struggling to keep my mind and soul clear. It's time to stop.  

I need order. I need to clean myself from hate, from deception, from hunger, from the emptiness that lives inside me. In a simple way: I'm not happy.  

I need time to fix my mind. I can't have a vacation like anybody else, all I do is working working and working. The truth is that I have to, no matter how I'm feel, I can't stop working.

Instead, I've decided to stop creating. I give up. I know that, maybe isn't logic, but I have to cut the things that consume my spare time: art, design, illustration.  

Is a hard decision. But I'm okay with that. I know is a matter of some weeks or months. This doesn't mean that art is not part of my life anymore, of course I will create something. What this means is that art will not be my priority. I'll dedicate all the time to my regular job and to put things in order. 

The answer of my application for the University isn't arrived yet, and that makes me very anxious. I have to think with cold mind what's next for me.  

I will clean (because I urgently needed) the house, preparing for moving during the summer, maybe for another tiny apt. or with my mom in Mayaguez. At this time everything can happen. 

I will be give away books and clothes. Basically I want out of my life all the past and all the bad things from the present, this is quite a task.  

I will be out of social media too. No Facebook, no Instagram, no blogging (blogging maybe sometimes). I'm a fail on social media, it feels like all that I gain is more unfollows. 

Hopefully, by summer I'll be back or maybe not! But I honestly wait for the best, whatever it takes, whenever it happens. 

See you in the summer!