New beginnings

I'm back. The time of incubation is over. These three months I've been working really hard to finish and give form to ideas and artwork. 

I was thinking of closing this blog, but I still have to practice my second language in all the forms possible.  

So, here I am.  

It's time for new things. It's time to recover other things. It's time to keep going and work even harder.  It's time for new beginnings. 


I'm still processing some ideas and concepts. It's an ongoing work and process. For now I can share some of the things that I'm developing and accomplished:

🔹 I finish a very beautiful project: illustrations for a children's book. Hopefully the next few weeks will be out of the printshop.  

🔹 I start a whole year project: 365 days of your inner goddess. For a following of the project and images you can visit my IG ( and my Ello page too. This project have a lot of evolving ideas and dreams.  I will write about it later. 

🔹  In a few weeks I'm starting a new class. I will learn something new. 😉

🔹 I opened an account on Periscope (you can search and looking for me at nwpb_art), I planned to share some live videos about my arts and process.  

There's a lot more  that I need to work, like found the time to develop my jewelry line and home decor and also give it a try (one more time) to my Patreon page and learn how to be happy. 😎

Stay tuned for more!