365 days of evolution

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365 days of a project (no matter what is it) it's a big challenge. In the middle of working other projects I've decided to start a new one: 365 days of your inner goddess ( yes, I'm a little crazy, don't you think?). In my mind this project is just an ongoing routine. I almost draw everyday, no matter the material, so for me is just making it official. And that's how I begin this compromise.

I needed for healing. I needed for creativity. I don't know why exactly but I really needed to start something everyday that challenge my mind and my sad spirit.

And without doubt, the theme of goddess just came clearly.

Why a goddess?

I'm a feminist and also an outcast, I don't belong to any group or religion, but  I  do believe in the power of the feminine and nature and in the power of creativity. I have a profound love for art and the creative world and I'm not exagerating if I said I can't live without it.

Because I'm poor it also start as a way to create something new for my etsy shop (toshisworld.etsy.com). Later I change my mind. I'm still poor but I don't want money control my mind and my feelings. So I posted some of the mini paintings on my shop, and soon they will not available. I'm still conceptualizing what to do with them and if I will creating some prints later.

 Mini paintings and drawings

My favorite medium in all the world is paper, watercolour, ink and because I live in a tiny apartment, my work is mostly miniature. My goddesses are tiny, no more than 5" x 7" , perfect for a beautiful little frame and a personal shrine.

Right now, I'm loving the way how they are evolving and how little by little they start to make me happy.

Stay tuned for more! 🌸🌿💙