Las fiestas

Tomorrow the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián will start. At 8:00 am I have to be in the register area. Tomorrow will be a very long day and also it will be a very long weekend. It's ok. I'm prepared, mentally and phisically. Also I have a great selection of products with my illustration work: two sizes of art prints, pocket mirrors, totebags, t-shirts, pencil cases and pin buttons.

Hopefully this long weekend will be a productive one despite the long hours of working (more than 10 hours a day), the tremendous noise of jolgorio and music and people shouting and drinking, it will be a good weekend.

I stop running this week and thats make me feel a little anxoius. So I'm telling my mind that on Monday I will run again. I'm taking it day by day with calm, with my zen spirit.

After Las Fiestas I will be working hard into my Etsy shop. I've already start with a few baby steps to make my shop more professional and more like a business instead of a "hobby shop".

 I'm determined to make a living from my art, illustrations, creative ideas, patterns and designs. As I said one step at a time. This is something that it will be evolve within the weeks and through the year, at the end I will saw how much it evolved.

 One of the first step was creating a new page on facebook. I know that this is a lot of work, basically because I have some profiles on other social media (ello, IG, FB, VSCO). So the idea started when facebook suggest that my "other place of work" become a fan business page.

 With this in mind on February( crossing fingers), I start to pay some boost and to offer a more professional illustrated items.

 For now, you can follow my new "business page" on facebook:

 And after that I plan to paying my admission to a run challenge later this year. And also after that,  a lot of brain storming with ideas and some creative process.

 Hope you can follow me along the way! I would love to share with you my art and process.

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