After las fiestas...


Finally the Fiestas are over. As you suppose I ended very very tired and happy. I have overcome my expectations in many ways. On Monday I couldn't get up of my bed, I just do some "mandados" during the morning and that's it.

Having some rest is important. 

Now I plan to clean and put some things in order in my tiny place to start on February fresh and organized.

But first I want to share some thoughts about the art community. I have to say that every time I set the table with my creations I get a little nervous. Because in some way I have to confront the audience and their questions and thougts about what is art and what no. May be I'm a perfectionist. So I try to get everything in order and beautifully honest. And for me thats the clue: being honest.

I've received many complements during these days, many ideas and love. And when that happen I try to keep my feet very firm on the ground.

One thing that I learned is that the community of artist and creatives are very special, very unique, very powerfull. Definetly I can't live without creating something, no matter the medium no matter the situation.

So during the long hours at my table (I always carry a sketchbook) I was working. Is something like working while working? Yes something like that. Writing ideas and concepts for my next patterns and illustrations. And for something that I used to work a few years ago: jewelry design.

Because of that I will take the rest of the month to organizing some of my inventory: tools and older jewelry and other art work. For now that's all I can do. I want to start with a little collection... may be for summer.

In other "determinations news" I almost reach my goal of 7 miles am very proud of myself! 


Stay tune for more news and art process!

with love, ❤️