The questions

Every now and then questions arrive by email, to my blog, through the shop and so on. They are simple. Just questions about me, not necessarily about my artwork, but about me.

I don't know why some of them make me feel strange. Its like my work was only validated if I am from certain place or group or whatever. And that's makes me take a profound thoughts about it.

So, this is my story:

I am a puertorican woman who born in Brooklyn, New York, from puertorican parents. I've been raised in the Island since 4 years old, specifically the first years in Lajas, San Germán and Mayaguez.

I am bilingual, or almost bilingual. My native language is Spanish and my second language is english. I write in english as a way to comunicate with the world and that doesn't mean that I'm not proud of my heritage. If I speak the language of the colonizer is because I use it as a tool.

It's interesting why I have to explain myself with this silliness, but for some reason I have had to do it. I'm not angry but disconcerted.

My art is universal, I think. I just do it with my imagination, my tools, my references, my inner stories, my own world, my fears, my beliefes, my interests on life about some themes, goddesses and darkness. I don't need to create a puertorican flag in my artwork to belong here. I don't have to include some coqui or flor de maga, or pitirre. Of course I've included some tainos design in my illustrations with my own concept and some african patterns.

I am from the tropic, flora and fauna are part of myself not only of my work. I am, after all, a woman that whant to create my own world. Because I live in a such beautiful place, not only an island but in whole Earth full of history and evolution. I live in a green and blue globe, floating in whole universe surrounded by stars, comets, rocks, nebulas and microcosmos, with cells, with life in so many ways and forms, roots, leafs, clouds, rivers, oceans, fruits and vibrancy in every corner of this planet.

Why with all that splendor and beauty I have to create something that tell the people I'm from certain place, why I have to explain that?

I live my life with thirst for curiosity, with inquisitive mind, eyes wide open to all that happen in front of me in my surroundings. I am a citizen of the world with a heart full of curiosity. I'm always hungry for knowledge. Fearless and ready to fight. Some times I am light some times I am darkness. And I work very very hard to stay on my creative path no matter what.

I suppose that this is not the last time that I have to explain myself to other people and my art, at the end is the same question: Who I am, what is my art and my creative language? Now I have a more clearly idea.

I'm not an static human being I'm an evolving artist and being.