February updates

Despite the sad news on the family of my partner and Puerto Rico, I'm trying to stay focus on my "determination project". I'm still adapting myself to find a little bit of time, a spare time to create and evolve. But I don't want wasting my time in complaints and situations that I can't control it, for now.

Instead I'm dreaming about all that I want to do and create, something like working in my mind with all the ideas and designs. Ok, I want to take some rest and watch netflix like for an entire week laid on my bed. 

On February some of my task are:

  • Cleaning (still I have a lot to throw and give). 
  • Search through all my stuff (old memories and tools) the things that I want to keep and probably to reorder like my jewelry tools and beads.

  • Learn a new technique for jewelry design.

  • Keep all my venues and shops updated.

Ok, the first of my task is an ongoing project and although I live in a very very small apartment, so small that I can't have a sofa I live with a studio and a workshop on boxes. That is something that makes me very sad in the past and sometimes now. But I have to work hard and poverty will not defeat me. That's why I want everything be clean and minimalist.

Looking through my stuffs and tools makes me realize that old memories doesn't hurt me anymore, I am strong now and after all happy with what I do and what I want to do. Looking through my memories I also found inspiration, a big source of it.

Am waiting for some new materials like beads and other stuffs and also very excited with the idea of learn something completely new inside the jewelry desing world. I can't share nothing at this moment but soon I will do it.

So besides of that I made some updates on my Vida shop, Etsy shop and AOW wholesale shop and here they are: 

Vida shop: I introduced the goddess line (still working on some ideas) but this is something that I wanted to create. This is an evolving concept and design.

Etsy shop: New prints and tote bags are up on the shop.

Miss Claudia

new art print

AOW: I really love Art of where, the quality of the products is incredible and the shipping is very fast. I've created some new makeup bags and rectangular zipper pouches.


Girl make up bag



I want to create some beautiful and festive patterns for spring so I will be working with colors and playing with Krita program.

In other news, am happy and greateful with the life and universe, running my imposibbles, in love with my running goals. Still I have to dominated my 6 miles, three days a week (thats 18 miles a week), so on February that's one of my beloved goals. March is another story and I start with 6.5 miles three days a week. Step by step reaching my goals.