March updates

March is already here. Powerful. Beautiful. Red. Fearless. Strong. Full of surprises and determination: my word for this year.


Despite all the challenges of living in this tiny island, my little hell and paradise, I'm so so happy of my baby steps towards my goals.

The first goal is: I reached to 7.04 miles on a single running afternoon. On February I had decided to adding a half mile every month, to little by little going accustomed to my long runs. So what I did is some recovery runs and then two long runs in the same week, and thats how I reached one of my personal goals. But is not over, for this year at the end of it, I want to run 10 miles on a single run. So I'm on my way and super happy.


 Powerful and strong month

This is the second year that, despite the hours that I loose on my day job ( and that's mean less money for living), my partner and I go to #8M, womens day march. There's nothing more beautiful and powerful than people, women of all ages, children, students walking and fighting for a better present and future. I ended up a little tired and burn by the sun, but full of energy and enthusiasm.

  The surprise

 The surprise

The big and beautiful surprise was that my work along with other great artists, was featured on the Etsy Blog. This is a dream come true too. 

Also I'm working hard, a listing at a time to improve my sales and my visibility, so at the end of the year I can have a more professional shop. 


I have another post (later) on this matter: jewelry design, but I'm very proud of myself on how I'm learning a new skill. So hopefully, very soon I will have an entire collection for a new shop!


Thanks for read me and stay with me on this creative path! Stay tune! ❤️✊🏼🌿