An act of faith

It's interesting how life can change in a matter of days, weeks, months. In my case, the lasts weeks were more or less the same (with the daily routine), but with a surprise that could change everything.

Fortunately finished with a happy ending. The C word is always a scary one, full of anxiety and bad thougts of all kind. For a moment I was really really worried,  for my partner and for me: this could'nt happen to him, to us. So inmediately, like a good and powerfull running, I start to eliminate all the bad thoughts, all the "bad emotions" that can born in that exact moment. And I say to myself and to him: everything will be alright, everything.

Days passed, I got the flu and sinus, I could not run for almost two weeks (and that was awful for me). But I have had to flow and let go all the bad emotions inside my body and mind. A small ambulatory surgery was neccesary to erradicate the problem and here we are: well and healthy.

While waiting in the doctor's office I've comitted with an act of faith. Faith is one of those word that I never use because of the religious thing. After "darle casco" (thinking very deeply), why not using it, there's no other word more appropiate.

That's how I subscribed to participate in my first 5K this month.

I still battling my asma and sinus, but I'm sure, pretty sure that I will be completely well for that day. I found a profound passion beside making art, maybe it's my own battle with the lack of time to create and the unfulfill dreams. Maybe I am quite tired of all the things that I know, I can't acheive. So, deep inside I am a melancholic girl full of dead dreams and running gave me other sense of life.

Also I want to share a very sloooow step with painting. It's been months (since hurricane María) that I feel blocked and can't paint anything, including watercolors, just a few lines and some drawings. I have sorrows that live inside.